There is an increasing demand of foreign trade companies call for their goods to be delivered at the best price in the shortest period. Upon these basic requests there are many more like flexibility, trustable information sharing, or other special company standards. Our customers turn to us because: they know that a shipping company with a small car fleet cannot satisfy their needs as their capacity is limited, and sometimes a breakdown or a delay cannot be retrieved.

A transport company commonly does not own their vehicles but what they have is information. Information is a guarantee that they can always provide the ideal solution no matter it is a small parcel or a complete 24 tons bulk to take abroad or home.

Most of the transport companies have a lot of different carrier partners without knowing all of them well could cause problems. We are a kind of company cooperating with well-tried and trustable subcontractors as we recognized the market needs.

It is important to us as we can supply special needs and it is a key to solve damages, delays or unexpected problems. We also undertake transport administration such as agreeing with partners, storage or on-carriage.

Due to our regular storage services we quickly transport smaller goods at a fair price to Europe’s most places.  
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